Our company was originally incorporated with the Registrar of Companies on 15th December 1993 as Saumya Consultants Private Limited with registration no. 061111. The Company was converted to Public company and name was changed to Saumya Consultants Limited. A fresh certificate of Incorporation consequent to such change of name was issued by the Registrar of Companies, Kolkata, dated 8th day of February, 1996.

Our company is a NBFC registered with the RBI to carry out NBFC activities under Section 45IA of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934 bearing Registration No.B 05.06222 dated 04-03-2004. We operate as a Non Deposit taking Non Banking Finance Company engaged primarily in the business of advancing loans and investing/trading in securities.

Our Company has been able to give the significant upward performance in terms of Sales, Profitability from the last five years. The financial parameters of the company are the indicators of its performance and the company has been able to outshine and stand among the other players in the Finance Industry.

The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and Calcutta Stock Exchange.

CIN No : L67120WBPLC061111


Investment in Securities

Investment in Securities can be related to high returns and low expenses…

Investment in Mutual Funds

Investment in mutual funds can be related to steady flow of income,…

Inter-Corporate Loans

Saumya Consultants Limited proposes to integrate its financial services activities by entering…

Loans and Advances

Our Company does the business of financing and advancing short term and…