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Vinyl has been used for custom letters, logos and decals since the 1950s, but complete car wraps didn’t catch on. In 1993, a mundane but revolutionary idea emerged: Why not wrap the car in its entirety? As a result, a vinyl car film boom has started!

Vinyl car wrap is a blend of polyvinylchloride (PVC) polymer, from which the word “vinyl” comes from, with various additives to make it flexible, resistant to ultraviolet light, and add color. These ingredients are blended, cast onto moving sheets, then baked and cured.

If you are considering vinyl film to change the look of your car, then might as well choose our car film wrap. Thanks to advances in vinyl car wrap technology, it’s no longer prohibitively expensive to completely change the look of your car, particularly if you plan on doing it yourself. Going the professional route, vinyl car wrapping can cost as much as a paint job, but patience and a steady hand can make even a full car wrap go smoothly for a do-it-yourself. In fact, the tools required are easily accessible and require no special licenses, training, or experience. Basic color changes, even multiple colors, don’t add much to the overall cost of the project, but custom graphics, prints, or finishes may increase the cost of materials. Still, the finished product can be particularly stunning.

The nature of vinyl car wraps allows them to be applied on a temporary basis. With proper care, a quality car wrap can last five to seven years, or even ten years. For permanent use, this may not be desirable, but for some drivers, temporary may be perfect. Maybe you’ll want to change the look again in a few years, or maybe you want to sell the car – little old ladies may not like those “oh so metallic” graphics. In either case, removing the vinyl car wrap requires only a few basic tools and supplies, and will not affect the original finish.

Look! The midnight purple wrap is designed to provide a high level of protection from the elements. They are water-resistant, UV protected, and feature an invisible air-release channel that can easily remove any bubbles during installation. The Midnight Purple car wrap is also made with a super-strong self-adhesive that eliminates bubbles and provides a smooth, seamless finish. The design is easy to apply, peel and stick.

Metallic purple vinyl wrap for car graphics and wraps can be used for both corporate and personal use. Use it to create an eye-catching of your car or give your prized possession a new and one-of-a-kind exterior makeover. This high-quality auto material will give a mirror-like finish to the exterior of your vehicle.

This full color gloss purple wrap allows you to take a second look at your passion for beautifully designed cars, from the casual driver to the serious car enthusiast. Best of all, you can let your imagination run wild and choose to fully and completely decorate your exterior, or simply emphasize certain parts like the hood or bumper. Either way, your vinyl facelift will grab everyone’s attention.

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